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Our approach

We provide a range of communications and promotion services using cost-effective solutions, customized to your needs. Whether completing a single project or giving on-going support, we are dedicated to the success of your organization. Costs and timing are tracked against budget. We recommend metrics to measure progress. Our varied services include:

Branding – Establishing a well-recognized and positive brand image is crucial. This process does not stop with the design of a great logo, slogan, and graphics, but includes effective promotion to targeted audiences, usually across multiple media, and supported by consistent messaging and actions from your organization.

Website and Social Media – Your website should be one of the main communication portals with your target audiences. Adding social media options expands your website’s reach and provides opportunities to engage with and get feedback from your target groups. Links to videos add dynamic content. Both website and social media sites need to be refreshed on a regular basis with interesting and informative information to attract and retain users. Choosing responsive software to ensure that your website is mobile friendly is highly recommended. Ongoing traffic analysis guides the refresh process for search engine optimization.
Content and Design – No matter the medium, compelling content and design is a must to attract the attention of audiences already flooded with information. We have a proven track record for producing clear content and stunning design.

Printed materials – Whereas digital media is becoming more important, printed communication materials are still widespread. We have produced a large variety of reports, brochures, newsletters, and assorted printed medium using modern software that cuts costs and reduces turnaround times while maintaining high quality. Content and graphics can be reused for websites and other electronic distrribution.

Strategy and Planning – Although having a clear goal, and understanding the target audiences are key to any successful communication effort, developing or refreshing a more comprehensive communication strategy may be needed. This should be triggered if new strategic direction is decided or when key external factors are changing. Often we recommend an internal and external audit be performed including survey and focus group exercises to ensure that the plan is grounded in factual assessments. Consulting closely with senior management and the Board, a detailed set of action plans and deliverables are prepared.
Media relations – Having positive stories appear in print or electronic media can help disseminate your message quickly to the general public. Local coverage is changing as media outlets reduce staff and centralize operations. We have learned to adapt to these changes. Training spokepersons and preparing media crisis management complement the media relations program.

Promotions – As an example of promotional activity, putting on a great event to celebrate a special achievement or opening is the best way of attracting attention and makes lasting contacts with your audiences. We work with your staff to plan the many details and build a comprehensive timeline to keep the event on track and on budget.

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