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Design quoteGood design engages the viewer, reinforces and visually translates key messaging, and encourages viewers to read on. High quality design also raises visibility and communicates brand.

An organization’s total brand image starts with a great design of a logo, expands to every aspect of the business and targets an audience in a functional, attractive and professional manner. A brand offers an instant connection to an organization’s products and services through means such as blogs, brochures, booths at trade shows, Facebook campaigns, etc. The key is to look different and make your messages stand out so customers can tell you apart from your competitors.

What about design in digital media?

In the fast, digital world, design that is visually and emotionally appealing is even more important. You have 2.3 seconds to capture the user’s attention before he clicks away to another website. It is therefore imperative to add colour and drive key points to grab the reader’s attention right away. No wonder that web and social media applications showcase more and more visuals. Research shows that users notice clear and concise information presented in an attractive manner. They are particularly aware of the colour scheme, the choice of images and the generous use of white space, type, size and consistency of fonts.

Twitter has realized the impact of visuals in social media marketing and has added images and videos to their stream. YouTube videos are a big hit with online audiences and all indications are that videos continue to be popular. There is also a trend in the digital media world towards the use of infographics to transmit several ideas, some complex, using big visuals and minimal text.

Mobile users are an important subset of the digital world.

Mobile users want simple, mobile-formatted design with a convenient search bar, big buttons, and the ability to find what they want in one or two clicks. They also want to connect easily to the full website for more information. Fortunately, the newer software is responsive to screen size but one must still pay attention to design and ensure that it works well on a smaller screen.

Money well spent
In today’s environment, organizations are sometimes tempted to limit their spending on graphic design. This is a mistake. Those who look beyond the cost realize that quality graphic design enables them to have their brand and their message stand out in this media-saturated world.
The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” still holds true today especially in cyberspace. High quality content deserves high quality design to differentiate oneself from the competition.